LAYER 2: Open the nExt 2021-01-28 10:19AM

After some thinking and some recent developments, it has been decided to stop Lainspiration and archive it in its current state.
Lainspiration is not dead however, the spirit of Lainspiration shall live on in Project UwU, on the /cyb/ page and the site over all.

For anyone who has kept up with Lainspirtaion and is sad to see it go I am sorry. However, as time goes on things change and you need to learn to adapt to these changes. That is what I am doing.
The technology blog has been migrated over to the new site.
check it out

Close the world, Open the nExt


Life is a record of the passage of time. Death is just the end of the physical self.
Observing the cycle time again, and again. It's draining. Eventually numb to the feeling of loss, yet it hurts so much.

This shouldn't have happened. It couldn't have happened.
Then why? Why did it happen?

Time has passed.
The record has been set.

-r--r--r-- Nov 19 2020

LAYER 0: ALL RESET 2021-01-18 12:46AM

So it has been a while since this page has lived. A lot has changed in both the world and with myself.
As such Lainspiration's old thoughts and entries don't properly fit the scope of Lainspiration today, so there has been a reset.

On Lainspiration you can expect:

  • Lain analysis, thoughts, and information
  • Technology tricks I have picked and saved over the years
  • Random posts on this page about whatever
Close the world, Open the nExt